Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tissue Paper Flowers

Cut rectangles in the tissue paper about the size of an A4 page (cut this in half top to bottom for the smaller flowers).
Take 8 to 10 sheets (6 to 8 for the small ones).
Accordion fold.

Tie the middle with a twist tie.
Trim the edges so that they are more rounded (for the edge of the petals).

Open each side out.
Put the colour that you planned for the inside of the flower on top.

Start unfolding the paper one layer at a time. Work carefully as the paper is thin and can tear easily.
Pull the paper nicely to the middle to for a rounded shape and then continue through all layers.

You will get different effects depending on how small your folds are, how you trim the edges and how many sheets you have used.

They look lovely on the table. Stems could be added and then could be put in a vase. I threaded them onto cotton and hung them up. The girls are thrilled.

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