Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bonnet for 100 years ago

We had an outing to a heritage park and so I made bonnets for us to wear. The girls were so excited about them and they were rather simple to make.
The two pieces of material. I started by measuring a piece of cardboard on the child's head. I used this as my base and made that piece a little bigger.
I edged the peak's round side and the back's bottom with a pink ribbon. I overlocked the other edges.
Then I put a long straight stitch around the top and gathered that in.
Attache the peak to the back section. Remember - right sides together.
Pin it first so that you can ease the gathers and make sure that the peak section ends a little way up and at the same level on both sides. This allows for a section to cover your neck.
Turn right side out and it looks like this. Neaten the sides of the neck flap by tucking in and straight stitching that down.
Now add elastic to the top of the neck flap section and ribbons to the peak (for tying under your neck). From watching my girls wearing their bonnets I would suggest you make sure this ribbon is far enough forward to that it keep the bonnet down nicely. So at least 5 cm from the back section but perhaps more. Try it on and see what would work best.
Then glue your piece of cardboard into the peak section using a glue gun.
And there you have it.