Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spring leaves

The texture that was created by using the sponge to paint the sky was really great.

Then the girls picked some long grass to use as their "brush" to pain the grass.
We started with a really thick brush for the trunk of the tree.
And worked our way through the different size brushes to create all the branches.
The next day I made a small leaf potato stamp and we added just a few small leaves.
It helps having more than one stamp if you have more than one child wanting to paint.

We also headed outside to look up close at the small leaves starting to grow on the trees.
The next day we made a bigger leaf stamp and added just a few more leaves.

The next day we made our green paint thicker by adding some finger paint. We used a brush to put the paint onto the potato each time....

and got some lovely dark stamps.

We had a great time watching our tree go through it's spring change.
Our inspiration was watching the wonderful transformation on some of the trees in our garden.
Just beautiful to see how these leaves start out, all folded up and then open out and grow so big.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Blossom hand trees

Day 1 - Use old toothbrushes and spray blue paint for the sky.
(Optional extra: When you tell Dad that you pained with toothbrushes today, tease him and tell him you used his. :D)
Day 2 - Paint brown paint onto the child's hand and a little way up their arm. Ask them to open their fingers wide and make a print for your tree.
Use a paintbrush to touch them up.
Day 3 - Place some green paint on a small plate and use their toes to make prints for grass.
Day 4 - Make pink popcorn and glue onto your trees.
I added some pink food colouring to the melted butter which I flicked onto the popcorn using my pastry brush. This way you get to eat the left overs. :D
Lovely trees full of blossoms.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Flower art

Today the girls decided to pick some of the weeds that were growing in the lawn and decorate the garden chairs.
This is great for fine motor development for younger children as they try and get the flower the right way around so the stem can go through the holes. It just takes a few seconds to point out the different colours they have used (or point out some different colour in the garden that they could use).
A fun activity giving them opportunity to be independently creative.

Friday, October 9, 2009

A field of daffodils

Day 1 - finger paint the sky.
Day 2 - Add grass. We have some shaped tools that scraped nice lines.
Looking really good.
Day 3 - cut up an egg carton and colour yellow. I mixed my paint really watery and the girls took turns dipping each "flower" into the pain.
Day 4 - fingerpaint some ice scream sticks for the stems.
And older child may like to add some extra colour. We were given such beautiful daffodils which had lovely bits of orange on. So that was our inspiration.
Day 5 - glue the stems and flowers on.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Spring Song

Springtime Song
(Tune: Did you ever see a Lassie?)

My eyes can see it springtime, it's springtime, its springtime.
My eyes can see it springtime, the grass is so green!
The green grass, the flowers, the sunshine and showers.
My eyes can see it's springtime, and I am so glad.

My ears can hear its springtime, its spring time, its springtime.
My ears can hears its springtime, the birds sweetly sing.
The birds sing, the lambs bleat the frogs croak, the bees buzz.
My ears can hear it's springtime, and I am so glad!

My body can feel its springtime, it's springtime, it's springtime.
My body can feel it's springtime, the air is so warm.
The warm air, the breezes, no frost and no freezes.
My body can feel it's springtime, and I am so glad

Beautiful spring garden

On your first two days you can create this scene.
Use small bubble wrap, paint with blue paint and after a little while rub the paint with a tissue (this helps it dry and attach onto the plastic).
Cut out grass, a house and if you have a flower punch you can add some coloured flowers to the garden.
Add some fluffy clouds.

Day 3 - use a brown felt tip pen to colour in a ice scream stick.

Day 4 - Cut small squares of tissue, crinkle each square into a little ball and glue onto the tree. I found double sided tape worked well.

Day 5 - add a sun (glue with glitter) and a rainbow (I had small coloured sticks).