Friday, December 4, 2009

Egg ornaments

Make one small hole in the top of the egg.

Make a couple of holes in the bottom so that you break through the film inside. If you just make one big hole you tend to have that film hanging in the way.
Use the pin to break the egg inside the shell. Poke it up and down and side to side.

It was a bit too hard for my girls to blow the egg out. But once I had gotten the egg out I held the egg (big hole up) under the tap and got some water inside to give it a clean. Shake it around a bit and then blow out the water. Always blow on the small hole so that the liquid can come out the bigger hole. Repeat the water process until the water that comes out is nice and clean.
Allow the empty egg shells to dry.
I folded some fish line in half and tied a knot in the top section to form a small loop. Then I pushed the two loose ends through the small hole and moved it around till I could spot the line through the big hole. I then used a needle to catch the loose ends and pull them through. I tied a knot in the two loose ends and attached a small piece of wire (as pictured above). Cut the line an few centimeters from the wire knot and pull the loop up and gently help the wire to go through the bigger hole. Make sure the loose ends are short enough so that they don't stick out the bigger hole.
There are many options for decorating these eggs. The two pink ones at the back where our try on a plain paper background with stickers but the stickers did not work well. So we stuck to pretty paper. Cut the paper into small bits (we cut each rose out). Cut small slits towards the centre of each piece (you will soon learn how many and how big to make these slits). Then glue them onto the egg piece by piece. As you add each one gently flatten the piece and allow any folds (what the slits are for) so that the piece lies as smoothly as possible on the egg.
Add a coat of varnish and you have lovely ornaments.

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