Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spring leaves

The texture that was created by using the sponge to paint the sky was really great.

Then the girls picked some long grass to use as their "brush" to pain the grass.
We started with a really thick brush for the trunk of the tree.
And worked our way through the different size brushes to create all the branches.
The next day I made a small leaf potato stamp and we added just a few small leaves.
It helps having more than one stamp if you have more than one child wanting to paint.

We also headed outside to look up close at the small leaves starting to grow on the trees.
The next day we made a bigger leaf stamp and added just a few more leaves.

The next day we made our green paint thicker by adding some finger paint. We used a brush to put the paint onto the potato each time....

and got some lovely dark stamps.

We had a great time watching our tree go through it's spring change.
Our inspiration was watching the wonderful transformation on some of the trees in our garden.
Just beautiful to see how these leaves start out, all folded up and then open out and grow so big.

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